About Vicia

Hello! Welcome to my Chocolattea blog.

Before I tell you about me, I want to tell you the story behind my blog title. CHOCOLATTEA. The word is from chocolate, latte, and tea. These ingredients are my friend when I write my blog. Sometimes with hot chocolate, other time with milk tea. Whatever my companion is, it’s always relaxing. I call my blog as a cup of life story.

and the writer behind this blog is…

Rietsi Arvitricia Hadiwardoyo. I am Indonesian. Born in December 1987. Since childhood my parents calling me as Vicia (read: fisya). Almost all my friends call me as Vicia but others also call me as Rietsi or Vici. But I prefer you call me as Vicia as my parents did. 😀

I grew up in 3 different cities, Tangerang Selatan (near to Jakarta), Lyon and Paris. Have experience living abroad is a fun and valuable thing for me because I learn about the language, culture, and being out of my comfort zone (even though I’m still not that kind of easily adaptable person). During my stay abroad, my mother always arranged the time for us as a family so we could go traveling. And she made it! And my mother who made me fall in love with traveling activities.  As little kid said, “I want to be an explorer”, and I said, “Me too!”.

 I’ve resigned from my previous work. I lived in London for a year from 2016 because my husband got a scholarship to study there. Since then I made this blog to share all the experiences that me and my husband going through. May all my sharing can be useful for those of you who read my blog.

Enjoy my Chocolattea! 🙂

Me and Simson, my life partner


  1. Hii kak vicia
    I’m your new blog reader.
    Salam kenal yaa kak
    duuh beruntung banget sih kak bisa tinggal di Inggris.
    UK always be my biggest dream country.
    Semoga suatu saat bisa kesana :’))

    1. Hi Mila salam kenal yaah!! Makasih ya sudah mampir… Keburuntunganmu juga pasti menghampiri cuma mungkin nggak sama seperti aku 🙂 Semoga someday bisa ke UK juga dan semua tempat impianmu ya 🙂

  2. Hi, I’m your new reader 😀
    I love what you shared, and wish one day I can visit London 🙁
    Stop by to our blog , we’re new but we love to share about DIY Project 😀

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